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Local Links and Members' Web Sites

Fen Fungi
Fen Fungi is Jonathan Revett's site where you can see what has been found in the eastern side of the Fens and check out his foray programme. If you have 10 or more attendees you can book Jonathan for a private foray.

Hunts Fauna and Flora Society
The Hunts Fauna and Flora Society has about 90 members with a wide range of interests. It holds regular field trips (including an annual fungus foray), and indoor meetings at Hinchingbrooke Country Park.

Northamptonshire Wildlife
This beautiful site is maintained by group member Jeff Blincow, and shows Jeff's wide knowledge of natural history as well as his skill as a photographer. There are many excellent pictures of fungi on the site.

Richard Shotbolt's Corner of the Web
This is your Webmaster's personal web site, and shows the sort of things apart from fungi that keep him out of mischief!

Sulehay Nature Reserve
Nick Owens and Mike Rogers maintain this site dedicated to the Old Sulehay Forest, Stonepit Quarry and Ring Haw nature reserves.