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My bungalow, named "The Elms" after the line of massive trees to the south, was built in 1970 from bricks recycled from two old brickmaker's cottages on the site which totals 1.5 acres/0.66 ha. The adjoining clay pit was part of a brickworks until about 1880, after which it became the village rubbish tip. After about four years removing the trash, my late father and I landscaped and planted the garden, which is now open every year under the National Gardens Scheme.

Elms are now a rare sight in Britain due to the ravages of Dutch Elm Disease. My Small-Leaved Elms, Ulmus minor ssp. minor, while not immune to the disease, are fairly resistant, and usually recover when infected. The largest are about 200 years old.

The three water-filled clay pits teem with wildlife, and Kingfishers are regular and welcome visitors.